Your employees are ambassadors of your
restaurant and you can empower them to represent you excellently in every guest interaction.


For Staff

Brooklyn Girl , San Diego

Brooklyn Girl, San Diego

Get what you need to start making money on your first day! Never toss an outdated 40 page paper packet ever again. 

No matter what kind of place you work, your job is to make people happy and to make money doing it. The only way you can be the sales ninjas you need to be is by knowing your menus. An outdated paper packet with a soup or cocktail that hasn't seen the light of day in two years doesn't really help you, does it? 

Knowing your menus makes you a better sales person. It makes it easier to say, "You know, we have this new Brussels sprouts side dish that would go perfectly with your fish and the pasta. Would you like to try it?" 

Or maybe strike up a conversation about that port wine or Scotch that you just read about. At $13 a glass, it's definitely worth talking about. Most of the time people buy your enthusiasm, but you can't do that if you don't know your stuff. That's where we help you make more money.

For Operators

Photography by   Blake Noyes

Photography by Blake Noyes

Fact: Training is hard and annoying. It takes a lot of time, there isn't really a good system, and most of us want to be on the floor, not at the computer.

After years of fighting, we decided the restaurant business needed an upgrade to how we do training. Easily write up that new item, add it to all of the menus you need to, and instantly your training materials are up to date and live, available for your staff to increase sales and enhance the guest experience. 

We know the struggle, and the struggle is real.
 ...because trying to get that photo to fit where you want in Excel... or Word... or Pages... 
...because trying to find the menu description for the gazpacho from last summer in the hard drive... 
...because we've had to tell new hires, "Here's the menu description packet. It's a little bit outdated, but a lot of what you need to know is in here."

We have a Pre-Built Content Library for you to select from so you can offer basic information to your staff about food & beverage that will empower them to sell your products and make people happy. Isn't that why we do what we do?

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For Guests

Photography by  Blake Noyes

Photography by Blake Noyes

As guest expectations of hospitality businesses grow, it is crucial that businesses meet and exceed those expectations.

Each of your employees is an ambassador of your restaurant and you can empower them to represent you and your brand exactly as they should in every guest interactions.

Diners are more sophisticated and have more access to information than they ever did before. They are curious about your menu offerings, the ingredients, the story of the dishes and drinks and wine. They look to your staff for guidance and suggestions.

They also look to your staff to ensure their safety. Allergies are more common than ever, and we have built in Allergy Guides for your menus that clearly state what allergens are in a dish. "I don't think there are nuts in that," just isn't an acceptable answer anymore.