What's your Reason?

Restaurant Reason is an invaluable resource for our team at Blue Smoke. Ever since we began using the platform, it has completely revolutionized our program for training and development of our staff members. The hospitality industry is in a state of constant change, and Restaurant Reason allows us to be flexible and keep pace with that change. The site is easy to navigate, quick to update, and is readily accessible from your mobile device! Restaurant Reason has allowed us to keep our employees updated with information on any critical changes occurring in a streamlined fashion, and any company looking to grow within the hospitality industry could benefit from partnering with this educational platform.
— Jason Gore, General Manager at Blue Smoke Flatiron, NYC
Having a well trained and knowledgeable employee can add so much to a guest’s experience. For us, this all begins with our team logging into Restaurant Reason. Ingredient lists, training tools, and schedules are all centralized here- keeping staff informed about menus and updates. Working in a restaurant that has a extensive menu with many components per dish can be challenging, but Restaurant Reason streamlines training and education for the RedFarm Team. Our sales rise, our team becomes stronger, and those ‘one time’ customers become regulars. Our staff has expanded their knowledge through Restaurant Reason, and we look forward to using it as we grow in the future.
— Nicole Schumann, Manager at RedFarm, NYC
During my time as a manager at Maialino, I have come to find Restaurant Reason to be one of the most useful resources at my disposal. Not only does it help me surmount the challenge of effective staff communication, but it also allowed me to further develop the culture of learning at Maialino. As each week goes by, our management team continues to find new and exciting ways to further integrate Restaurant Reason into our daily operations.
— Ambryn Alam, People and Operations Manager at Maialino, NYC
Restaurant Reason has revolutionized our training program at Blue Smoke. By consolidating all of our information within an online portal, accessing & updating training materials for our staff is more convenient than ever. The site provides consistency among the multiple restaurants within our business, and gives us an innovative way to engage new hires with the training materials in an interactive manner. Any restaurant looking to streamline their training program would benefit significantly from partnering up with Restaurant Reason!
— Benjamin P. Kogelman, Former Maître D at Blue Smoke & Jazz Standard
Restaurant Reason is an incredible resource for our staff. Our wine list is constantly changing and it can be overwhelming (especially when team member miss pre-shift lineup when we introduce new items). RR allows us to streamline information in a central location that is both easy and accessible to our team. We can hold our staff accountable for learning all menu items and staying current with restaurant happenings.
— Nora Hoefner, Sommelier at Maialino, NYC
As a server at a restaurant with a high value on extensive knowledge of menu items, Restaurant Reason provides a convenient resource which servers and other staff can use to learn the details of sourcing, ingredients, preparation, and presentation so that we can better present our food to the guests. I use it often to refresh my memory on certain dishes that come and go with the seasons, and to quiz myself of the various cheeses and meats we carry. On the same site, I can to check my upcoming work schedule. It’s great to be able to go to one place for everything I need to do my job well.
— Stephanie, Server