We'd like to introduce you to some friends that can help you do what you do best.


Empowered Hospitality

You really care about your employees, but establishing great HR practices while operating a business is almost impossible... or was.

Get the nuts and bolts of Human Resources, without the headache. Restaurant Reason has established a partnership with E|H because great businesses like yours may not have the resources for internal HR teams, but you still want to provide world-class hospitality to your team. The Empowered Hospitality outsourced HR solution is tailored to perfectly fit your company's needs.

Email Dana if you're interested in taking your People Practices to the next level

ESL Works

ESL Works helps employers develop and retain New York City's diverse workforce by facilitating English language and professional development classes for non-native English speaking employees.

Email Rachael for more information on the transformative power of ESL classes for your team

Speed Rack

The service industry can sometime be thought of as a man’s world. With Speed Rack, which they founded in February of 2011, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero have been able to shine a spotlight on female mixologists thriving behind bars around the country; and while they are at it, raise money for breast cancer research, education, and prevention.

Opportunities to compete or volunteer for Season 7 are available

Bento Box

BentoBox creates beautiful, mobile friendly websites that restaurants can easily update themselves, saving staff time and reducing outside fees.


Initiate Care

Ever cut yourself but the first aid kit is empty? Well, never use a bev-nap or C-Fold towel again!

Initiate Care can make sure that your first-aid kit is always stocked with the essentials for any hospitality business. These hospitality veterans also provide training classes in CPR, First Aid, and more to ensure the safety of your staff at all times.

Restaurant Reason clients enjoy a 10% savings on First Aid Kits. Go to their website now and get in touch!