Your employees are ambassadors of your
restaurant and you can empower them to represent you excellently in every guest interaction.



Powerful Training: Menu Modules™ with Level Learning

A better understanding of your menus means higher sales and better guest experiences. The signature format of our Menu Modules™ allows your staff to learn more information in less time. For new staff, they don't have to be overwhelmed with a giant packet of information. They can see exactly what they need to know to get through training and be on the floor.

By going online with your training you can tap into the power of the web and link to other sources of information like definitions, purveyor information, cooking techniques, etc. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Instant Communication: News Feed

Clear and direct communication is a must in our business. The News Feed allows for you to deliver direct notifications to your staff, for the staff to communicate with your restaurant, and to communicate with one another. 

You can use this to notify the staff of special events, changes in policy, etc. Each time you post to your private News Feed the staff automatically receives a notification by email letting them know there is a new post. Rather than send the notice directly through email, your staff must sign in to view it. This encourages engagement with your training materials and increases staff use of the Menu Modules™.


Clear Direction & Organization: File and Media Storage

We currently offer unlimited storage so you can manage as many files, photos, videos, etc. as you need to best execute your program. 

Your staff can review important training materials, HR documents, or special video messages you may create. Having this kind of instant access to information helps to streamline your operations. If you're a growing group, Restaurant Reason can help make sure that all of your locations are marching to the same beat.

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Robert Irvine of Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible" shares his thoughts on the top-three things that make a staff successful:

— Be invested in your success: If making a dollar is the only reason why your employees show up to work, you’ll never succeed. Employees should have a vested interest in seeing your restaurant succeed because of their respect for you, their fellow employees and the customers that your business serves. If this is not the case, it shows.

— Get educated on your product: No server should be allowed to serve your customers unless they know your menu backwards and forwards. No cooks should be in your kitchen unless they know not just their own jobs, but the execution of all of the other dishes that are created in your kitchen. Education is the cornerstone of proper execution and customer communication.

— Know the value of proper communication: The #1 most-destructive force in your restaurant is lack of communication. If the kitchen cannot properly communicate with the servers, then the servers cannot properly communicate with the customers (and vice versa). However, owners must understand that THEY set the standard for communication in their own business. How they interact at all levels determines how their employees follow suit.

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